Youth Agricultural Education for Barrio Cacao

Lead with Seeds works to address poverty in central Honduras. Honduras is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – see

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A project to

foster sustainability through holistic agriculture and agro-forestry practices, serving as a model for Barrio Cacao youth and their families in the surrounding communities.

The Barrio Cacao outside Santa Rita includes approximately 750 people.

Most jobs are in the agricultural industry. Most Barrio children do not have access to junior high, limiting their economic opportunities. By empowering youth through education and hands-on learning, this project seeks to enhance everyday living and positive change for the future.

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Educational Resources

  • 35 acres of mixed hillside forest, orchards, gardens, corrals, and arable land.
  • A multi-purpose building that accommodates classroom learning and other events.
  • Two full-time local farmers ready to model their expertise.
  • A local part-time bilingual community liaison and Project Manager.
  • Access and support from a Canadian agricultural engineer.
  • Partnership with the Barrio school, which has computer-assisted learning for the Honduran junior high curriculum and agricultural learning resources.
  • Connected to the El Progresso Rotary Club, local and Canadian agricultural expertise.

Goals and Objectives

In partnership with the Municipality of Santa Rita, The District School Division, the Department of Forestry and the Edmonton Mayfield Rotary Club.

Providing education for youth and adults in rural Honduras that focuses on schooling and sustainable agroforestry practices.

  • To continue developing and growing the Junior High School established in 2018.
  • To provide further access to the facility for local community members to use for additional learning purposes.
  • To continue expansion of the tree nursey in order to provide access for other communities to plant trees for watershed protection and replanting deforested areas in their barrios as well.
  • To experiment with growing revenue producing trees indigenous to the region that can reduce the high levels of monoculture that currently exists.
  • To encourage more local farmers and youth to come to the property for learning and training in how to properly care for the trees.
  • To assist with development of infrastructure needs in the barrio; mainly to provide better access to safe drinking water and irrigation needs in the dry season.
  • To continue growing the relationships built between local Honduran elementary school children and the Edmonton Elementary Spanish School .

Available for translation into Spanish (in Santa Rita) For further information, please contact us at:

About Us 

Edmonton’s Lead with Seeds is registered as a non-profit society in Honduras. We partner with the Mayfield (Edmonton) and El Progreso (Honduras) Rotary Clubs, as well as other non-profits, to support on the ground development in Honduras.

Lead with Seeds group members have been working together since 2009 as a grass roots response to the plight of rural people in another part of the Western Hemisphere. Honduras is wracked with poverty, unemployment, and violence resulting from the North American drug trade. The poor have lost traditional lands and knowledge, and have paid the price required for monoculture, global warming (hurricanes), and other systemic challenges.

Since 2009, we have built personal connections with agricultural workers, teachers, students, and community members in Santa Rita, the Yoro province. Join us on our journey – and let us know if you want to come for a visit!

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or phone at: 780-995-5778 (Bruce Anderson)